Gluten Free

To the best of our knowledge we believe these items to be Gluten Free. We are not a Gluten Free Facility.


  • Crispy Wings, 13 – bleu cheese, celery
  • Thai Lettuce Wraps (no sauces), 10 – julienne vegetables, tofu, rice noodles, mint, basil, sweet chili glaze, spicy peanut sauce
  • Smoked Salmon Carpaccio (no crostini), 14 – capers, shaved fennel, chopped egg, arugula, crostini
  • Chorizo con Queso, 12 – house-made tortilla chips, pico de gallo


all salads without croutons, baked cheese, soy dressing
  • House Salad, 8 – field greens, pear tomatoes, julienne carrots
  • Caesar, 12 – shaved Parmesan (half caesar $8, add chicken $5, add shrimp $7)
  • Wedge, 13 – crumbled bleu cheese, spicy candied bacon, tomatoes, red onion marmalade
  • Roasted Beet Salad, 16 – arugula, goat cheese, house vinaigrette, balsamic reduction
  • Seasame Seared Ahi Salad, 18.5 – sashimi-grade Ahi, field greens, red cabbage, julienne carrots, jicama, chives, orange-ginger vinaigrette
  • Greek Salad, 16 – feta, Kalamata olives, cucumbers, pear tomatoes, red onion, romaine, citrus vinaigrette
  • Corralitos Salad, 18.5 – chicken breast, field greens, local apples, candied walnuts, sun-dried cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese, balsamic vinaigrette
  • Grilled Sirloin Cobb, 18.5 – field greens, egg, Kalamata olives, julienne carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, beet chips, crumbled bleu cheese, creamy roasted red bell pepper dressing

Sandwiches & Burgers

all sandwiches prepared with a lettuce wrap, choice of fries, house-made chips, or Asian slaw
  • The Hideout Burger, 15.5 – fresh ground beef & bacon patty, crumbled bleu cheese
  • Burger, 13.5 – fresh ground beef or turkey (add cheese $1)
  • Reuben, 14.5 – pastrami, aged Swiss, sauerkraut, Russian dressing
  • Pressed Cuban, 14.5 – slow-cooked Yucatan pork, smoked ham, Swiss, dill pickles, Dijon aioli
  • Mediterranean Pesto Chicken, 14.5 – oven roasted chicken, peppers, tomatoes, Swiss, garlic aioli
  • Turkey Melt, 14.5 – bacon, cheddar, cranberry aioli
  • B.L.T.A, 14.5 – bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, Sriracha aioli
  • Roasted Vegetable, 13.5 – spinach, artichoke hearts, bell peppers, portabella, herbed goat cheese

Dinner Entrées

available after 5pm, served with seasonal vegetables
  • Merlot-Braised Short Ribs (without gravy), 24 – horseradish whipped potatoes
  • BBQ Baby Back Ribs, 24 –  tangy BBQ sauce, french fries, Asian slaw
  • New York Strip, 29 – 12-ounce cut, black garlic butter, au gratin potatoes, veggies
  • Red Snapper Veracruz, 22 – fresh filet, tomatillo, olives, tomato, capers, basil, lemon, garlic, white wine, whipped potatoes

Gluten Free Sides

  • French Fries, 5 – Sriracha aioli
  • Sweet Potato Fries, 7 – Sriracha aioli
  • Grilled Polenta, 10 – wild mushroom ragout
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts, 10 – shaved Parmesan, balsamic glaze (add bacon $2)
  • Sautéed Spinach, 6 – roasted garlic, olive oil

Gluten Free for the Kids

choice of carrot sticks, applesauce, or fries
  • Burger, 7 – with lettuce wrap (add cheese, $1)
Should you have any further concerns or health sensitivities/ allergies please inform your server and we will do our best to accommodate you!